Taught by our Ghanaian-born Fitness In Rhythm co-owner, this new interactive 6 week session will introduce you to the culture, history, and traditional AND current dance rhythms of Africa!  Meet Rita Cohen!

Why should only adults have all the fun?  Now, kids can join in the Zumba® party, too!  Zumba® Kids (7-11 year olds) combines age appropriate songs with fun movements and games in each 6 week session.  Meet Rita Cohen!

Zumba® Kids 

I <3 Afrobeats!




Come dance and burn calories for an exhilarating experience!  You burn hundreds of calories in one hour while moving your body to international rhythms with fitness variations that'll get your heart pumping and your spirits soaring!  Meet Rita Cohen!


You get the same exhilarating international rhythms, but actually burn a few more calories because you add weights* or Toning Sticks* to get your arms toned!  *Zumba® Toning sticks can be purchased from the instructor OR you can bring your own (no more than 3 lbs per hand)!  No weights/sticks needed for your very first class!  Meet Rita Cohen!

Zumba® Toning


Fitness & Dance Class Descriptions

Unless otherwise indicated, classes are for all levels

The most sensual way to tone your abs and learn some HIPnotic moves, all set to percussive music that will motivate you.Meet Sparkle Williams!

Belly Dance

If you can do things like squats, jumping jacks, and shake your booty, then MixxedFit® is for you!  It's a people inspired dance fitness program that is a blend of explosive dancing and bootcamp inspired toning.  


A fun, non-stop interval fusion of the best of Pilates, Boxing, and Dance, that will push you past your limits and leave you feeling sleek, sexy, and powerful!  *Please bring your own mat!  Weighted Piloxing® gloves may be purchased from the instructor for $25. Meet Rita Cohen!