LaTrice began taking Jazz, Modern, and Hip Hop classes in her early years, becoming a member of the Norfolk State University Dance Theater under the direction of Inez L. Howard from 1995-1999. After taking the time to get married and have 2 kids, she took her first Zumba® class and fell in love with dance again when she joined her local YMCA in July 2012! She became a licensed Zumba® instructor that November, then a licensed MixxedFit® instructor in February 2014. She is currently a Master Educator as well as National Trainer for MixxedFit®, and hosts Workshop 101's, where she licenses new instructors for the dance fitness program.
LaTrice has participated in several charity, as well as fundraising events throughout the Hampton Roads area and beyond, and is a highly sought after instructor with a reputation of working hard to provide the best workout possible. Her classes are energetic, explosive and fun! Her motto is "I am my motivation" and she encourages her students to say that to themselves every day to help make the weight loss/fitness journey attainable. Let her help you bring out your inner "beast"!

Toya, aka Peppa, Monger and I am pleased to be teaching at Fitness In Rhythm. She became a licensed Zumba® instructor in 2014 and a MixxedFit® instructor in 2015.  A couple of months later, she was voted in to become a Master Educator. 

"I fell into Zumba® in 2011 back in my last year of being in the Navy.   I fell in love with this fitness format!  I never had a desire to teach it, though.  I decided to become an instructor because everyone kept asking if I taught, and telling me that I should.  So here I am!!  I used teaching as my drug! It’s what gets me through my days.  I am looking forward to help you reach whatever goals you may have!!! To sign up for my class/if you have any questions, please contact me:!

Toya Monger


Canadian import Natalie, aka Coco Moore, has been a licensed Zumba® instructor since August 2009. In addition to her Zumba® classes and teaching physical education at Tidewater Community College, she makes and sells one-of-a-kind beads, "Coco's Beads." Her classes are fun, full of smiles, and guaranteed to make you sweat!

Natalie 'Coco' Moore


La Trice Hinton-Gibson


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